This video page includes some of the TV interviews I did while promoting my book. These videos are here as a learning resource and to give you ideas on how to use props and graphics during your on-air interviews. Before you do media interviews, take a few moments to watch one or two of the interviews below and focus on the formats that are similar to what you’ll be doing yourself.

Here’s an appearance I made on the nationally syndicated The Better Show in New York. What do you think – did the interview run live or was it edited?


Here’s a great example of how props can enhance your media appearance. Television is a visual medium! Remember, the idea is to build your brand and to continually raise the bar for your next interview.


This is one of my first TV appearances and it taught me a lot about what I should do differently regarding makeup because of high def TV.


Here is an example of a longer form interview with graphics I provided.


A national interview at WGN-TV is an example of an interview with a combination of props and graphics. Sometimes the interviewer really sticks to the questions I provided. Other times, they go their own way. After watching, can you tell which one happened here?


This interview was in St. Louis and it’s interesting for a few reasons. One, I should have listened to my daughter when she told me that outfit wouldn’t work on TV. I should have known better! But the most important reason I’ve included this clip is because of the piece of paper in front of the anchor. You can’t tell, but it was a copy of an email I had sent to the producer of the segment where I clearly outlined the questions, graphics, and props I wanted to use in the segment. I did it in such a way (because of my behind the scenes TV experience) that I essentially produced my own segment. I teach my one-on-one clients how to do this. It’s an incredible tool to have if you want to have more control over your message in media.


On the last day of the 30 Day Media Mentor course, I mentioned the last minute media training I gave my son in the car as we drove to his Second City class for teens with Asperger’s, like him. He had less than an hour to prepare, and kids on the Autistic Spectrum don’t like unexpected things like sudden media interviews with national news reporters! With my tips, and his gift for self expression, he nailed the interview. Take a look and take special note of how he was able to speak in concise sound bites.

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