The Best Day of Your Life

Most people face issues of confidence. You know, “How can I get in front of the camera? How can I be on TV and deliver my message? It’s just too scary.”

So one of the things I ask them to do is just to tell me a story about why they choose their career, wrote their book, or developed their product. Well, even sometimes they feel a bit nervous talking about this. So I ask them to tell me a story that has nothing to do with their work. Like how they met their spouse, what was the best memory from childhood, what is the best day they’ve ever had – something positive from their lives. That’s when they start to let their guards down, and they simply start talking from the heart.

That’s when I ask, “Did you memorize that story?” And of course, they say, “No! It’s a part of me. It’s just an experience that I had.” And I say, “Exactly.”

Your message for media has to be part of you. It doesn’t have to be memorized. It shouldn’t be memorized. It shouldn’t be something that you sit on camera and just spit out. It should be part of you. And if you’re a nonfiction author who’s spent a year or more writing a book, your message is part of you. If you’ve been developing a product for a long time, that product is part of you. You know why you created it and who you created it for. If you’ve been a veterinarian or a makeup artist or a fitness trainer, whatever you’ve dedicated yourself to – your work is already a part of you.

So just relax. That’s the key thing. And remember that when you speak from your own experience, you speak from your heart. You speak with authenticity and authority without even trying. Because you know your story better than anyone.

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