Speaker Coaching

Dread. Terror. All out panic.

For many of you, this is your state of mind whenever you think about speaking in front of an audience or doing a media appearance.

Yet, you know that one of the most valuable skills you can possess – especially as a nonfiction author, expert, or executive – is the ability to speak with ease in front of people.

The trouble is, stepping into the spotlight often involves a giant leap out of your comfort zone.

I know what that’s like. My comfort zone was roughly 20 million people. Seeing my work on the Oprah Winfrey show that is. As a Post Producer with Oprah, I was completely at ease with the idea that presidents and celebrities, as well as millions of everyday people, would see my work every day. I was just glad they didn’t see me. 

So I probably shouldn’t have written a parenting book. Because that meant I became a parenting expert. The kind of expert who gets interviewed in the media. Live TV, radio, and print interviews. And does public speaking. In front of crowds big and small. And it all terrified me. Because even though I’d spent 3 decades working behind the scenes in TV, “behind the scenes” was like home to me. In front of the camera, or in front of a crowd – now that was unfamiliar territory.

But getting the word out about my book was crucial to its success. And that wasn’t going to happen inside my comfort zone, so I took a leap of faith. Faith in my book. Faith in my message. And more than anything else, faith in myself.

Here I am at my first speaking gig, in front of a fairly large, well established mother’s group. I was so nervous. I remember standing outside the venue just trying to catch my breath. Hoping no one had shown up. Wondering if it was too late to cancel. Ultimately I opened the door and walked in to a room packed with moms. And I spoke from my heart. The hour flew by, and when it was over, I was kind of like the kid who was terrified to go on the big, scary roller coaster at an amusement park. But as soon as she gets off the ride, the first words out of her mouth are, “I want to go again!”

Believe it or not, you can feel this way about speaking. And I’ll help get you there.

I empower my clients to manage their fear. What does that mean? Well, I teach authors, experts, and executives to create situations where they allow their fears to accompany them rather than control them.

That’s a big shift. And it’s possible. The key is to realize that you don’t have to be fearless – you truly don’t.  You can simply learn to put fear in the passenger seat, while you take the wheel.

Working with me will increase your confidence, allow to you focus on your message, and expand your professional horizons. So, schedule an hour long consultation. There is no cost and no pressure. Whether we decide to move forward and work together or not, I promise you, after our chat you will feel more at ease moving forward.

To set up our chat, please email my team at support@maryodonohue.com. Let’s do this!

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