Media Success Blueprint

Are you ready to dream big?

Imagine being recognized as the thought leader in your field, getting offered a book deal with a major publisher, becoming a highly paid, in-demand speaker, sharing your message with millions, and making a world-changing difference.

It’s possible.
It starts with stepping into the Media spotlight.


We know – it’s pretty intimidating, but who better to help you get there than a sought after national media guest and an Oprah Show veteran?

We’re Media insiders and we’re giving you the upper hand when it comes to getting the publicity your book, brand, or mission deserves.

That’s why we created a blueprint for your Media Success.

What is the Media Success Blueprint?
A game changer for your business, your mission, and your life.

It’s a step-by-step 5-week course that will help you get coveted TV, radio, print, online, and podcast interviews, taught by in-demand media guest, Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, and former Oprah Show Post Producer and Media veteran, Mary O’Donohue. Through videos, audios, and weekly live trainings, we’ll use our behind the scenes knowledge to teach you how to nail your appearances, maximize media coverage, and build key – and lasting – relationships with decision makers in the Media.

Getting Media attention can be the key factor to achieving your dreams. So, isn’t it time you stepped into the spotlight?

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo 
Elizabeth is a nationally recognized clinical Psychologist, Bestselling Author, and Speaker.
She appears frequently on live TV morning programs, as well as nationally syndicated talk shows, and is also a contributing writer for Huffington Post and Better Homes and Gardens.


Mary O’Donohue 
Mary is an Oprah Show veteran, 
Media Coach, and Bestselling Author, who has worked behind the scenes in television on everything from local and network newscasts, to prime time news, entertainment, and music specials, as well as serving as Post Producer on big time talk shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show.



What exactly will you be learning in the Media Success Blueprint? Each week, you’ll receive access to a new training module, complete with:  

  • Information-packed videos focusing on specific, must-have media skills.
  • Intentional Worksheets that compliment each video to keep you organized and on track.
  • Crucial action steps to ensure you truly understand and can implement the lessons that build on each other as the course progresses.
  • Live weekly coaching calls where you’ll get even more insider secrets and have your questions answered by Mary and Elizabeth. And, don’t worry, the calls are recorded so you can listen to them any time.

And that’s good stuff. Really good. But, here’s the thing. We wouldn’t be in a place of service if we didn’t acknowledge the elephant in the room for many of you – and for each of us. Fear. It’s what stops so many incredible people from stepping into the media spotlight in the first place.

But it’s not going to stop you. You know why? Because your instructors are authors who had to face our own incredibly nerve-wracking TV interviews, so we know – truly know – what it’s like to be utterly terrified that we’re going to blow our chance by stumbling, freezing, or frankly, passing out, on the set of the show. We’ve been there, people!

So, each week’s module will include one of Dr. Lombardo’s Media Mindset audios with valuable guidance to help you overcome any mental obstacles you may be facing.

The Media Success Blueprint Curriculum
                                                              Module 1: Get Your Tools Ready
• Know your “why.” It’s a crucial step most people miss when starting out in Media.
• Write a Media Savvy Bio to insure you stand out time after time.
• Craft the core media message that will help you rise above the crowd and get booked.
• Discover the Online Secrets to Being Bookable that you’re probably already missing.
LIVE TRAINING: Embracing the Role of Expert in the Media

Module 2: Pitch Perfect
• Pitch the right people for TV, radio, print, podcasts, and online web sites.
• Craft an irresistible pitch with our step-by-step recipe based on what actually works.
• Get the behind-the-scenes insights to know when to pitch most successfully.
• Know how to respond to a media inquiry when they reach out to you. Be prepared!
LIVE TRAINING: The Hidden Value of Repurposing Content for Media Success

Module 3: Your Successful Interviews
• Learn insider secrets from an Oprah Show veteran on controlling your message in Media.
• Know the importance of a great Pre-Interview & how it affects your on-air appearance.
• Master the must-have skill for today’s interviews – purposeful storytelling.
• Create compelling, memorable sound bites to make your message “stick.”
LIVE TRAINING: How to Handle Curve Ball Questions in Interviews

Module 4: Lights, Camera, Action
• Discover what to wear and what NOT to wear for your TV interview.
• Know step-by-step what you can expect from “greenroom to goodbye.”
• Get an Oprah Insider’s Top Ten Tips for a successful on-camera appearance.
• Rock your off-camera interview on the radio, in print, and online.
LIVE TRAINING: Your Essential Media Reel and How To Use It


Module 5: Magnify Your Media
• Discover what media-savvy people do right after an interview.

• Learn the key ways to utilize social media to maximize traditional media appearances.
• Find out how to get and use your TV interview clip efficiently and effectively.
• Turn your first media appearance into many more.

LIVE TRAINING: Getting ROI on Your Media Exposure

“I was lucky enough to work with Mary as my media coach for a year. Mary’s knowledge-base on media was outstanding.  She knows the ins and outs of media and consistently thinks outside of the box. She was the difference maker in broadening my media appeal and her combination of compassion and tough love was both genuine and motivating. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to expand their media exposure or simply be more creative in reaching broader audiences.”  Dr. Colin Champ, Radiation Oncologist

“As an intelligent media insider for years, Mary’s coaching is extremely thorough and practical.  Because she has lived it she knows exactly what I need to do, how I need to do it, and when I need to do it, and has coached me expertly through it all.  As a novice I have been spoon fed by Mary absolutely everything that I need to know to create an amazing and meaningful media career. The fact that she loves her work and her clients is palpable during the process. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful to have connected with such a knowledgable, caring and skilled coach and mentor!” Dr. Kyrin Dunston

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