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Have you ever wished you knew someone “on the inside” in Media?

Someone who knows how things get done. How guests get booked. What producers are really looking for. Someone who knows literary agents, and how to appeal to them. Someone who could save you a whole lot of time, and prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you publicity. You know, a “Media Insider.”

Well, you do know someone like that. Me.

When it comes to how Media works, I’ve been around the block. In more than 30 years working behind the scenes on shows like Nightly News, The Today Show, and Oprah, I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge. And I personally know hundreds of people working in Media today. I don’t think of them as “connections.” To me, they’re former colleagues, friends, and people I have lunch with. They’re my inner circle. And in my role as a Media Coach, when questions come up – questions that I know they can answer even better than I can – I simply reach out to them.

For example, imagine these scenarios.

Scenario 1: You’re sitting across from me talking about your new book, and the books you want to write in the future. You’re excited to share that you sent a pitch letter to a literary agent and have been hoping to hear back. And it’s been a while. Actually, a few months. You ask me if it is acceptable in the publishing world to pitch to more than one agent at a time. I’m pretty sure it is, but hey, since I have a wonderful agent in NYC, I simply dash off a quick email to ask her. She responds with an enthusiastic, “Absolutely! Send to multiple agents! Don’t wait for us to get back to you!” Pretty helpful, right? Could you have gotten that answer, right there and then from a big time literary agent?

Scenario 2: You and I are having a phone consultation. You’re an expert who really wants media coverage and some time ago, you met a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist. When is the best time to pitch her? Well, since I know her and have been featured in her column several times, I reach out to her. Turns out she likes to be pitched on Fridays, when the Sunday edition has been put to bed. Could you have gotten that insider tip on your own?

Probably not. But I can. And I did. (Both those scenarios actually happened.)

You should know that I would never exploit my friends, former colleagues, or people who have given me media coverage. I don’t pitch people to them, and I would never try to take advantage of our longstanding relationships. That’s not who I am.

But, just like in the examples above, I can – and do – ask them questions on behalf of the people in my community. Now, as much as I would enjoy it, I can’t possible meet up or chat on the phone with all of you. But I’ve come up with a way to serve you as authors, experts, and entrepreneurs who need insider information, that also honors and respects my friendship and contacts in the media.

Introducing Media Insiders. A monthly audio interview series with big time television producers, nationally syndicated radio show producers, TV news reporters, newspaper columnists, magazine writers, and even insiders in the publishing world, like agents and editors.These are the people who can – and will – answer your burning questions about what TV producers are looking for when they book a high profile interview, how to get featured on a national radio show to share your expertise, what it takes to get quoted in a magazine with a circulation of millions, and the most effective ways to get a literary agent to notice you, and respond to your pitch.

It’s behind the scenes access to the world of media, and no one else is offering anything like this.

Starting out as an author, expert, or entrepreneur, you’ve got lots of questions. Well, the many people I know in the media and publishing world have answers. And I can put you together.

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Media Insiders. Coming in September of 2017.

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